Cosmetology Careers Unlimited, Inc.
November 8th, 2022
To all:
With great sadness and a heavy heart, this memo is to notify all concerned that CCU will
discontinue operations as of business close today. There is not a singular reason or event that
is propagating the closure, but rather a multitude of factors, events, and circumstances leading
up to this unavoidable situation. Our current challenges include lack of enrollments, poor
attendance, unfavorable federal legislation, and family health concerns. Despite our
perseverance through fires, floods, covid, and staffing issues, the current business and political
environment does not favor the future of our business model. CCU has provided a quality
education to the region for nearly a century but we do not see a future in which CCU will be able
to continue to provide that same level of quality that all have come to expect and deserve. We
wish all affected by this announcement the very best in their future endeavors.
All students currently enrolled will be receiving additional information and guidance in the
coming days regarding their accounts, financial aid, transcripts, and transfer possibilities via
Richard Shaffer

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